Our Members

Our Members

Three winners of Mother’s Day Contest – Moms Unite! Sponsored by corporate partner, Nestle. The contest went on for  eight years, yearly between 2002- 2010.

Students from Asian Women’s University, Bangladesh attended the ASEAN Work-Life Balance Conference in 2016.

Yvonne was one of our core team who telecommute with us in the first eight years of eHomemakers life, she took care of three kids while she did data management and web content for us.

eHomemakers received the UP grant in 2009 from Microsoft to train 70 single moms who are also disabled in computer and secured them working @ home positions for their livelihood.

Rachel was one of the administrators in the office who learnt how to coordinate activities online for Salaam women, corporate partners and volunteers.

Cutting cake for eHomemakers’ 10th year anniversary.