Our Mission


Helping people to help themselves through ICT and innovation.

  • To build an e-community of ICT savvy homemakers, homeworkers and homepreneurs and provide them with a platform for self-help and people-to-people tele-trading
  • To encourage homemakers and homebound individuals, especially the disadvantaged, to generate income and cultivate self-improvement through home-based ICT activities
  • To disseminate family-orientated information at a one-stop e-center to enable members to be smart and efficient in balancing home and work-life
  • To develop a self-sustaining social enterprise by leveraging on the resources cultivated from the e-community in order to sustain the disadvantaged women’s project, the Salaam Wanita project
  • To integrate the principles of sustainable development into our programmes so as to be part of the Millennium Development Goals at the Malaysian level



  • To sustain a grassroots-to-grassroots e-network for mutual assistance and gender empowerment
  • To facilitate networking and teletrading for homemakers and homeworkers through an e-platform
  • To raise the profile of unpaid work and home-based work in Malaysia, advocating the reduction of exploitation in the homeworking sector and the inclusion of homeworking into the formal sector
  • To conduct ICT/ gender research at the grassroots level for homeworkers and teleworkers
  • To educate women to excel in areas where they are skilled and talented through the use of ICTs
  • To provide disadvantaged women with an e-platform for self-help and clusters-to-clusters assistance
  • To facilitate strategic partnerships with the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) community and the ICT community
  • To develop a replicable model for an efficiently-run grassroots social enterprise with a virtual office
  • To promote the concept of CSR in the Malaysian corporate sector.