About Us

We are South East Asia’s only community network that promotes working from home, teleworking and the running of SOHO businesses through the use of information and communications technology. Our e-community promotes self-help, business partnerships and entrepreneurship development for those who want to balance work and home life. Our social profit is derived from a pro-poor project focusing on Eco-Baskets production and service provision to empower women to embark on social-economic self-reliance.

The Founder

eHomemakers founder, Chong Sheau Ching, was featured in Women On Top, a book published by Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia in November 2010.

Nov 2013: eHomemakers’ founder’s journey for 16 years is in the book ‘Malaysian Innovators‘.
eHomemakers ED was chosen as the APRICOT 2014 Ambassador: APRICOT 2014: Interview 1APRICOT 2014: Interview 2

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