Community-based voluntourism program, Project Whee! has been active in Bario, Sarawak. Check out the past 5 years of activities:

WHEE planting many paddy.

The joy of a farmer – hard work paid off! Tepuq Ribed with her harvested crops (tapioca)

Rhonwyn Hagedorn, Founder Of Project WHEE! in CLEO magazine, March 30, 2018: Fight For The Future Meet

Buyers’ Farm visits (in conjunction with project on ‘crowd purchasing from farmers directly through mobile app ‘ECHO2U’)

Chong Sheau Ching in Cameron Highlands to support agrotourism in July 2017.

Gan’s Farm

Gan’s Farm

Bucket with fly larvae

Tet’s Farm

A network of chemical-free farms from aquaponic fish and lettuce, vegetable cultivation, fly larvae and tiger worm cultivation, and goat farming is now joining us to promote chemical free foods in diets. They will be selling their produce and products directly to buyers located near non-profit delivery centers such as premises at NGOs, social enterprises or community rooms in condominiums.  Monthly farm visits range from a full day to 3 farms in rural Selangor to taking short courses conducted by chemical-free farmers.

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