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Aneeta Sundararaj tells the stories of a diverse group of people from cardiologists and Ayurveda practitioners to independent financial advisors. ‘Two Snakes Whistling at the Same Time’ is included in a collection of stories that she is working on. Subscribe to the free newsletter on her website, ‘How to Tell a Great Story’ (

Eileyn, having survived a gas explosion that caused 80% burn on her body, she hopes to share her personal story and awareness to others on the dangers of being burn. In the process, she hopes that not only will it be a healing journey for herself but for others as well who are able to relate to her stories and experiences.

As a female growing into womanhood, Cordy has always felt a disconnection due to her experiences. She was awkward in expressing her womanhood as she carried shame for a long time due to sexual molestation as a child. Shame too in respect to her underweight body, which was subconsciously shaped by her teenage anorexia nervosa trauma. For a long time, she was underweight until spiritual awakening happened to her. With that, transformation happened. Her life journey had been written as a memoir detailing how she overcame the many challenges in her life which included sudden sensitivity to invisible subtle energies. To manage it, she learned meditation. These sensitivities have led her to become a meditation teacher, sound healer and more. Ever since she became a mother, she mostly stay at home to take care of her baby boy. It is because of Patrick that she is writing her blog. This is also for baby Ibrahim of Medan, Indonesia, who has the same health condition as her son.