Women In Business… Be A Game Changer!

Women In Business… Be A Game Changer!

October 16, 2016 Homebiz Management 0

More often than not, women don’t realise that they naturally possess inherent leadership qualities that can be translated into sound leadership in business. The necessary skills to be a good leader are actually within themselves.

Women tend to be more assertive and persuasive, have a stronger need to get things done and are more willing to take risks as compared to male. Hence, these qualities are the key indicators of being great leaders – which unfortunately, most women don’t realise. Much has been said and written about women in business, their contribution and their various roles. Also, a lot has been mentioned about women gaining equal footing with their male counterparts. However, that alone is not enough. Women need to move out of their comfort zone and change the world of business like men do. To be able to achieve this, women must be the game changers of their businesses and transform the normal business landscape into an exciting playing field.

We are very familiar with names such as Steve Job, the man who turned the creative industry upside down. After Apple, our world was never the same again. Who would have thought that the youngest inventor was able to create the biggest social network in the world, which has enabled us to stay in touch with more people than ever before! Mark Zuckerberg changed the world by reinventing the way we stay in touch with Facebook. Malaysians must be proud of the man who turned the country’s airline industry from ‘not everyone can fly’ to ‘now everyone can fly!’. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes is one of the first to ‘take a bus into the air’.  He has succeeded in his dramatic change of career direction to realise his vision of making travel affordable to all.

These people have transformed the global business landscape and our way of life.  But what’s interesting to note is that nearly all of these game changers are men! We do have prominent women figures such as Oprah Winfrey, the queen of media who uses TV to help us live the best life we can and created a book club with members reaching into the millions. Anita Roddick, known as one of the world’s most successful retailers of cosmetics and cosmetic-related products, saw a single shop flourished into an international empire and proved that a company can gain its loyal customers by simply providing product information rather than employing high-powered advertising and high-pressure selling. These successful women can be an inspiration to other women to be game changers.

Let’s look at the qualities possessed by these women that changed their business landscape:

Ambitious and Goal-Oriented – Have a clear vision that is ambitious but realistic and attainable. The drive to transform vision into reality is strong and all decisions are made towards achieving the company’s mission and vision.

Confident – Have a healthy level of self confidence and believes in her ability and skills. Look upon mistakes or criticism as opportunities for improvement. Willing to move forward, make bold decisions, explore new opportunities, take responsibility and able to analyse mistakes and poor decisions. See challenges as opportunities to learn, adapt and grow.

Innovative – Create a modern twist to traditional ways in running a business by asking questions and recognizing the talent in other people. The key to business success is being able to network and collaborate with others and form win/win situations.

Willingness to learn – Able to adapt to changes and learn new ways to thrive amidst the changes. A good example is the use of new technology. A good business woman will learn to be technologically savvy and not dependent upon male counterparts or act in stereotypical ways.

So women! Be a game changer and elevate your business to a new level. Never become satisfied with just getting by; make it your mission to become the best of the best and one of the greatest to ever do it. Having said all these, who is up for the challenge?

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