The Solopreneurs DNA

The Solopreneurs DNA

October 16, 2016 Homebiz Management 0
by Paul J. Morris


Spouses, families and friends of the solopreneur and even budding solopreneurs themselves often wonder, what are the qualities that ensure success when going it alone?

We know entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to live life and earn a living on their own terms, and for some, to make a difference along the way. We know many have strong beliefs and opinions and refuse to blindly conform to the status quo ‘just because.’

But what components must be present to make one qualify as a solopreneur?

Let’s go to the labs and have a look at the core characteristics of solopreneurs:

Inspiring visions
The ability to see things others don’t is one of the most important qualities of the solopreneur. This also pertains to lifestyle desires. The vision is what attracts people to want to work with the solopreneur. It provides the solopreneur and his/her constituents with something compelling to aspire towards. The vision usually grows out of a strong set of core beliefs.

Creative juices
Solopreneurs are innovators at heart. Their unique way of thinking and doing things sets them apart from your regular business owner.

Impeccable judge of character
Even though solopreneurs have ‘solo’ in their name, they do understand they must work effectively in teams to get certain things done. But not just any team. They intuitively know how to handpick people to work with in order to achieve groundbreaking results.

Delegation diligence
Many solopreneurs are control freaks but the better ones know when to offload tasks so they can concentrate on the more critical apsects of their business. They know how to take advantage of scale and know how to best orient their energies.

Many solopreneurs have persistence in their blood. They expect to suffer from a myriad of setbacks before tasting sweet success. “Giving up” just isn’t in their vocabulary.

Attentive optimism
Unlike a regular (undiluted) optimist, good solopreneurs are always aware of reality and the appropriate times to take credit or accept responsibility for a shortcoming.

Commercialisation capacity
Thinking through the mechanics behind making money from their portfolio of offerings is critical to the success of any solopreneur.

Because solopreneurs are comfortable with who they are and what they stand for, they often commit audacious acts many others would never dare. For example, they have no hestitations approaching distinguished people and requesting things on their terms.

As you would expect, the degree to which certain solopreneurs possess such qualities varies signficantly.

If you’re a solopreneur and believe you resonate with such qualities, this is one article your spouse or close friends would likely appreciate you passing on.

Budding solopreneurs, how do you measure up?

This article first appeared in Australia’s online magazine for solo business owners,