Telecommuting Idea – Bookkeeping

Telecommuting Idea – Bookkeeping

September 25, 2016 Teleworking 0

If you have experience in accounting or have worked as a bookkeeper before, bookkeeping can be a great way to work from home. Small businesses are continuously looking for ways to outsource some of their workload and most of them do not need a full-time in-house bookkeeper. You can approach several businesses in your area and offer to keep their books.

Of course there are some tools you need. You should have some of the basic accounting software like quicken and quick books. If the company you work for uses a different piece of software, they may purchase a copy for you to use at home, or make one of their current licenses available to you. In the beginning I suggest you focus on companies that use software you are already familiar with since you will be working from home and don’t have the opportunity to ask a colleague across your desk for help.

You will also need basic tools such as a 10 key calculator and some sort of spreadsheet software such as excel and of course a reliable computer to run the software on.

Handing over the book keeping or accounting is a big step for any business owner. Trusting a stranger with important company data and relying on them to return the books with accurate numbers and calculations isn’t something they will do lightly. You will have to earn any prospective employer’s trust first. Start by creating a professional resume that showcases your experiences and skills. Include several references directly related to previous accounting positions you have had.

On that note- it is sometimes easier to turn and existing or previous job into a telecommuting position, since the employer already knows you and your skills. Sit down and draw up a simple little proposal showing the employer what he would save in having you move your office to your house, as well as how you could overcome any possible obstacles, such as needing to get the current accounting date (daily / weekly), how your employer can get in touch with you on a daily basis etc.

If you are approaching a new business owner, offer to work in house for a few weeks to train and get acquainted with everyone in the office.
Once you start working for two or three small business in the area (and of course are doing an excellent job), it will become easier to gain additional clients / employers. As long as you are not maxed out and are turning in assignments in time, your current employers will recommend you to other business owners in the area. You can also use current employers as references when approaching other small business owners.

If you enjoy crunching numbers, and are good at it, give telecommuting bookkeeping a try.

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