Sure-Fire Conversation Starters

Sure-Fire Conversation Starters

March 17, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0
  • Compliment the other person on something he or she is wearing.
  • Wear an unusual item that will encourage questions.
  • Keep abreast of local happenings so that you can comment on a current event.
  • Talk about the eventful journey getting to your present meeting place.
  • Talk about the weather.
  • Talk about sports, but only if you think the other person would be interested.
  • Talk about your hobby.
  • Talk about culture.

Taboo Topics For Small Talk

  • Religion
  • Comparison of salaries
  • Cost/ Prices of items one is wearing
  • Politics

It is advisable to avoid the discussion of issues which may result in an actual exchange of deeply-held convictions, opinions or ideas. This may lead to social awkwardness and/ or unpleasantness.

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