Sewing Together A Future

Sewing Together A Future

March 16, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0

If you like sewing and enjoy the creative process involved in making something, then you just may be able to turn that skill into a way of making money, right from your own home!

Quilting, for instance, can prove a great income generator. Some quilts have been known to fetch thousands of ringgit!

However, quilting is also an art and each piece takes a few months to complete. Usually, the first few pieces you make will be for your own and your family’s use. When someone admires a piece you’ve done and asks for a similar design or one like it with a few variations, that’s when you’re in business! Each quilt is thus customised and unique.

You’ll learn other skills like patchwork while you learn how to make a quilt. This can be used to make items like bags, potholders, table mats, toys and pincushions, etc., which are easier and quicker to turn out.

Every Christmas, I make Christmas trees, banners, wreaths and tree hangings for my own use and also for sale at bazaars. Last year, I made 10 Christmas trees selling them at RM50 a piece.

You can sell the things you make at bazaars or one of the many flea markets in the city. Not keen to set up astall of your own? Visit some of these flea markets and see if you can “supply” them with your work.

Quilts proper can range from baby quilts to king-size quilts. Well-made, hand-quilted quilts sell for anything between RM1,500 and RM5,000. Baby quilts range from RM250 to RM500. Machine-quilted quilts range from RM1,500 to RM3,000.

Many factors affect the price of a quilt:

Cloth used – American cotton costs RM30 to RM45 per metre.

Design – choice and placement.

Colours – choice and harmony.

Originality – original design or adaptation of one.

Some quilts are made of other materials like silk or cheaper materials or even scrap. These quilts, if turned out artistically fetch high prices. I love making scrap quilts because of the challenge involved in the use of available material.

What You Need To Get Started

The basic materials needed are:

  • Scraps – no cost. If you want to use American cotton, 1 metre can cost anything from RM30 to RM45.
  • Batting – 1 metre can cost from RM18 to RM28.
  • Lining material – 1 metre is about RM5.
  • Other sewing paraphernalia cost about RM50

I’ve been giving quilting classes for years. They cost RM250 for six lessons. Each lesson is about an hour and a half long and at the end of the sixth lesson, you would know how to make a quilt.

Interested in learning? Call me at 03-7727 9523 (mornings only).