Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations

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Child Abuse

It is now compulsory for childminders to report to the Police any cases of suspected child abuse, including those inflicted by the parents.

Negative Influences In The Neighbourhood

Childminders must keep children away from “bad hats” in the neighbourhood. Some neighbourhoods have more drug addicts and illegal spots than others. Childminders must be aware of the dangers posed by negative characters and bad influences.

Dangers Caused By Moving Vehicles

If your house is located near a busy road, ensure the door is locked all the time and the children are only allowed to be out under full supervision.

Dangers Caused By Elements Hazardous To Health

Poisonous chemicals, medication and small parts of toys that can cause choking must be kept out of children’s reach.


You must ensure the floor where the children spend time playing and interacting are always clean. The wash areas and bathrooms should be cleaned every day.

Danger Caused By Sharp Or Hot Objects

Do not leave your cooking utensils, knives, scissors or hot iron within the children’s reach. You should also fold your ironing board after use to prevent children from playing underneath it.

Danger Of Getting Electrocuted

Extension cords must be installed in places beyond the children’s reach.

Danger Of Getting Injured By Electrical Appliances

Electrical items must be kept away from the reach of children. Opt for a wall or ceiling fan instead of a stand or table fan.

Danger Caused By Wet And Slippery Floors

Use rubber flooring for the bathroom, inside and at the entrance and in the kitchen. It is best to keep the children away from the kitchen area. You must immediately wipe off spilled water especially when the flooring is marble or terrazzo.

Dangers From Building Structures

Ensure that there are no sharp edges, spiky fencing and rough surfaces. Fence your staircase if you have toddlers in the house.

Unsuitable Bathroom Fixtures

Have a child-friendly toilet and bathroom. Proper hand railings are essential to help children move around safely.

Negative Influences Such As Bad Behaviour And Foul Language

Don’t expose children to negative behaviour and speech. If you allow them to watch television, make sure the programmes are appropriate.

Contagious Diseases

You must separate the sick children from the healthy children to prevent the spread of contagious ailments.


It is really not a good idea to keep pets if you are looking after children as many children are allergic to them.

There are other points to note with regard to security.

  1. Build a close rapport with the nearest police station or neighbourhood watch group to get their help in monitoring your house regularly against suspicious characters.

  2. Your front gate must be kept locked after each parent drops or pick up their children.

  3. Make sure you recognise and acknowledge the parent or guardian. You should have a register book with both the parents/ guardian’s photographs in it.

  4. Only authorised persons are allowed to pick up the children. Call the parents or guardians to verify if someone else comes. Contact the police if you suspect that something is amiss.

  5. Keep reminding your family members about the importance of security. You have to face the parents and the law if something within your control goes wrong.

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