Reduce Security Threats To Your Website Via Digital Certificates

Reduce Security Threats To Your Website Via Digital Certificates

April 10, 2016 IT TIPS & ISSUES 0

If you are running an e-business, would you have allocated investment to prevent security threats to your business data? If your answer is yes, continue with your efforts and you would be able to reap the benefits in time.

For those who answered no, you may want to rethink your business strategy. Why? Because security threats to one’s business like fraud, theft, virus attacks, intrusion to confidential data, hacking and plain human error such as indiscriminate display of log-in and passwords, have escalated during recent months. These threats can cause companies to lose a fortune.  The old adage of “prevention is better than cure”, holds especially true when it comes to online security threats.

Who’s there?

Trust, but verify. As the volume and scale of your e-business increases, you need to verify the identity, be it that of your employees (intranet) or visitors to your website, in order to protect and secure your electronic information, especially confidential data. A digital ID by a licensed Certification Authority ascertains the identity of your website users and will ensure reduced risk of fraud especially in high-value transactions, company’s intellectual property and sensitive information.

Verification also helps you to enhance a visitor’s experience by enabling you to customize the content. It also lets you control access to particular areas of sensitive data, your website or Web services.

What lies beneath?

How can you verify the identity of your website visitors or an email sender without  inconveniencing them? More so, how do you authenticate an employee’s and a customer’s identity with absolute certainty? The answer lies in the provision of Digital Certification or Digital IDs, an electronic credential that authenticates the user’s identity absolutely and positively.

Why Digital Certificates/ IDs?

  • Elimination of repudiated sales

By accepting Digital IDs on your website, you can collect information about who accesses the website and which services are most popular to them. Encouraging and educating your customers about the security and benefits of Digital IDs as they set up log on registration details for purchases will enable them to provide their relevant personal information with a peace of mind. Digital IDs encrypts all data transactions before sending it over the open Web.

  • Universal log-ins

By providing Digital IDs to your customers and your employees, they can use the Digital ID as a universal log-in for quick access to data such as account information (for banks), sales information (for traders), transaction information (for payment) etc without having to memorize multiple passwords.

  • Increase revenue, reduce costs

Managed PKI secured e-commerce and e-business is to increase your revenue, with more customers wanting to deal with you securely and at the same time decrease your costs as you do not have to invest in an expensive data center, but outsource this function. In today’s economic environment “outsourcing” the online security requirement drastically decreases your costs of operating a secure e-business. 

  • Value in service

Digital IDs give you the ability to provide a higher level of service. Authenticating and authorizing visitors to your website allows you to manage the Web pages and content available to them. In addition, transaction integrity and non-repudiation, important features of Digital IDs, enable you to transact with your online visitors and trading partners, not only safely, but fully backed by existing cyber laws.

With a fast growing global e-market place, the World Wide Web is the future of everyone’s business. Make securing the Web your business. By providing Digital Certificates or IDs to your customers and employees, not only will you be able to run your business with a peace of mind from both internal and external security threats. You can turn your security investments into a revenue generating income. You have nothing to lose but all to gain.

About the author: Badrul Hisham is the CEO of MSC Sdn Bhd