Purchase Of Equipment For A Home Based Beauty Business

Purchase Of Equipment For A Home Based Beauty Business

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Facial Services 

Here is a list of products and equipment you will need if you plan to do facials for customers : 

EquipmentApproximate Salon Price
Facial couch with stoolRM 200
Facial steamerRM 450
Facial trolleyRM 80
Facial sponge (a pair)RM 3
Towels:One large and one medium for covering
facial couch
1 toweling blanket to cover customer
RM 25

RM 15
Pimple extractorRM 6
Brush for applying maskRM 10
One bowl for rinsing facial spongeRM 2
One bowl for mixing maskRM 1.50
Ceramic containers for storing the different types of masksRM 1.50

You could cut down on the cost by turning your existing bed at home into a facial couch. You could also use a spare table at home to place your products, instead of getting a facial trolley.  

If you decide to make house calls, you would then need to purchase a portable steamer which costs about RM70. You could save on equipment by using your customers’. For example their bowls and blankets. 


Homebased businesses usually charge slightly lesser than beauty centers as the overhead expenses are less.  Here’s what the average home-based business is charging:

ServicesSerembanKuala LumpurJohor BaruMentakabKuantanSabah
Facial treatmentRM 30 – 
RM 45
RM 45
RM 65
RM 50 – 
RM 80
RM 30 –
RM 45
RM 30 – 
RM 45
RM 45 –  
RM 65

You could charge higher for house calls as you have to take into account your travelling expenses and your time.  

Waxing Services 

Waxing is usually done for the removal of hair from the legs, hands and underarms. Some customers do request for facial waxing.  Try to discourage this and offer threading as an alternative. Waxing is “harsh” on the face and may cause the skin to sag faster than the usual stretching process of ageing. Should your customer insist on waxing, make sure she is aware of this.  

Here’s a list of products and equipment you will need for waxing :

EquipmentApproximate Salon Pricing
Wax WarmerRM 400
Warm wax (800g)RM 75
Surgical spirit for cleansing customer’s skin before waxing (2 litre)RM 35
Calamine powder for dusting customer’s skin after cleansingRM 7
Cotton cloth (1 metre)RM 2.80

Homebased waxing services in different places:

ServicesSeremban Kuala
Johor BaruMentakab Kuantan Sabah
full arms
RM 30RM 30RM 40RM 30RM 30RM 30
Half leg waxingRM 30RM 35RM 45RM 30RM 30RM 35
Full leg waxingRM 40RM 45RM 60RM 40RM 40RM 45

If you provide freelance services to your customers place, do not forget to take traveling charges into account. 

Manicure, Pedicure And Threading Services 

Here is a list of products and equipment you will need if you plan to provide your customers with the above services:

EquipmentApproximate Salon Pricing
* Finger nail cutterRM 10
Toe nail cutterRM 15
Lotion to soften cuticleRM 10
* Cuticle cutterRM 35 – RM 150
* Nail fileRM 8
Orange stick for pushing in cuticle skinRM 8
Hard skin scraper for feetRM 15
One bowl for soaking handsRM 2
Flat large square bowl for soaking feetRM 20
Different colours of nail polishRM 8 – RM 25
Good morning towels (1 dozen)RM 22
Hand lotion (depending on brand)RM 11 – RM 25
ThreadRM 2

Alternatively, you could also buy a good manicure set which contains the *products listed above and it should cost you anything from RM75 to RM200 depending on the quality.  You can improvise on the lotion to soften the cuticle by diluting a small amount of hand lotion with rose water into a small plastic bottle.  It works just as well as a cuticle remover. 

Listed below is the average charges for the above homebased services :

ServicesSeremban Kuala
Mentakab Kuantan Sabah
ManicureRM 12RM 15RM 20 RM 12RM 12RM 15
PedicureRM 18RM 25RM 30RM 18RM 18RM 25
Eyebrow Threading RM 6RM 10RM 10RM 6RM 6RM 10
Upper Lip ThreadingRM 4RM 5RM 6RM 4RM 4RM 5
Chin ThreadingRM 4RM 5RM 6RM 4RM 4RM 5
Full Face
RM 20RM 30RM 30 RM 15RM 20RM 30

Again, do not forget to take into account your traveling expenses and the extra time taken should you decide to go freelance. 

Product Choices 

A vast range of product brands are available for facial treatments.  You will need to scout around and decide what brand of products you want to use.  One way of doing this would be by walking into salons and checking out which seems to be the most used product.

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