Providing Homebased Childcare Services

Providing Homebased Childcare Services

March 14, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0

Lay Your Groundwork

It is good to do your homework, study the childcare business carefully before venturing into it

  • Identify The Nature Of The Business, Requirements And Duties

Officers in the Social Welfare Services Department in charge of Childcare Centres and Special Children will be able to help you get an insight into this business. With a clear picture of what is expected of you, it would be easy to ensure your service complies with the law.

  •  Study Your Competition

Observe how existing childcare services operate, their problems, solutions and marketing strategies. This will help you minimise your errors and risks.

  •  Anticipate Problems

Do not wait for problems to arise before you start finding solutions. It is best to anticipate teething problems such as getting assistants and preparing nutritious and attractive menus for finicky eaters. Cash must be immediately available for maintenance emergencies such as plumbing problems.

  •  Equip Yourself With The Required Knowledge And Skills

There are many agencies and associations that offer training in childcare. You can seek guidance from the Social Welfare Services Department on how to enrol yourself or your child minders for such courses. It is too risky to provide childcare services without having the necessary knowledge at your fingertips. Remember: you are dealing with young children who are highly dependent on you for guidance!

  •  Check Your Degree Of Commitment

Is this the only business you have or is this the least important venture on your list? If you have more than four children to handle at a time, it is important to engage assistants, responsible adults who can work independently and are level-headed when responding to emergency situations.

  • ¬†Getting Help

Details on technical matters can be obtained from officers in the Social Welfare Services Department or from purchasing the department’s guidebook, “Garis Panduan Prosedur Memproses Permohonan Penubuhan Taska” (Guidelines on Processing Childcare Centres) which is sold at RM10 per copy at the respective district and local town councils.

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