Other Childcare Services To Consider

Other Childcare Services To Consider

March 14, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0

What you need is a little imagination and creativity to start a niche business in the childcare industry. Study the needs of working parents in your area and see what childcare services you can provide them. Here are some examples of what you could do:

“Surrogate Mother” Or Latch-Key Mother

Unlike homebased childcare services, those playing the role of “surrogate mothers” have “children” who are of school-going age. Among the duties of a “surrogate mother” are:

  • Providing meals
  • Seeing to the children’s needs before they go to school or after they get back from school, depending on the situation
  • Ensuring that they take their bath and put on appropriate clothing before or after coming back from school
  • Making sure that the child’s school work is up to date
  • Supervising their school/ tuition work
  • Inculcating healthy activities
  • Ferrying the children to and from tuition classes, extra-curricular activities, and other places
  • Supervising the child’s interaction to ensure they do not mix with wrong company
  • Taking the child to the clinic when he or she is sick
  • Conducting informal counseling sessions


This will depend on the amount of responsibilities shouldered.

Transit Home

This is where the child spends a short time to have his meal, take his bath and change his clothes. For example, a child might only need to spend an hour or two after school before proceeding to his religious class.

Instead of going home to an empty house, working parents prefer to send their children to a child minder’s house. The advantages:

  • The child’s needs are taken care of
  • The child does not have to carry the house keys to school and then accidentally lose them
  • The child is not left alone in the house


Monthly charges in the Klang Valley are about RM150, without meals and RM300 (with meals provided).

Provide Transport Services

If you have a car at your disposal, you could provide regular transport services for students in your neighbourhood who need to travel to school or for extra-curricular activities. 


Depends on the distance between the child’s home and school. If it is within your neighbourhood, you could charge about RM25 to RM30 monthly for one-way and RM50 to RM60 for a two-way trip.

Organise Homebased Holiday Camps

If you have special talent in poetry reading, storytelling, art, handicraft or music, you could generate income by gathering the neighbourhood children in your home and organising special holiday programmes for them. 


Your charges should include the cost of your raw materials, your time and miscellaneous expenses (like light refreshments).

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