Making Web Videos

Making Web Videos

March 19, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0

Podcasts are video feeds that you can subscribe to, which are automatically downloaded into your PC/Mac by client software such as Apple’s iTunes 7 media player. 

Podcasts can be anything from personal video blogs to professionally produced video shows.  

And if you had a lot of money, you could buy an iPod and download all of your subscribed podcasts onto your shiny portable music player to watch while you’re commuting. 

This was all fine and dandy for a while. That is, until YouTube ( came along and completely changed the way we view videos on the Internet.  

There are many differences between the traditional podcast model, which is a subscription-based service, and viral video sites such as YouTube.  

But whatever your delivery method the basic principals behind them are the same, producing videos that can be shared online with other people. 

This is an overall guide to shooting your own videos, editing them and uploading them to the Internet. But remember, the aim here is quick and dirty movies and not feature-length films.

Source: Article by Chris Chong from the Star Online17 July 2007

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