Guidelines To File Effective Complaints

Guidelines To File Effective Complaints

May 6, 2016 Consumer Issues Domestic Issues 0
  1. Save All The Information In A File
    Save all the necessary and important information as they are needed when filing a complaint. This practice should continue constantly before any problem arises. The receipt, original warranty letters or policies regarding guarantee, date, seller’s name and necessary letters of reference should be kept in an appropriate place. 

  2. Get Evidence 
    If there is a problem, then get more information that might help you when filing complaint. Look and ask around if there is anybody else who is facing the same problem, so that necessary action can be taken collectively. 

  3. Control Emotion 
    Control your emotion while filing complaint. If you are unable to control, you might fail in filing a good complaint.

  4. Make use of all the facts and statistics 
    Compile all the necessary data and statistics to prove the originality of the complaint. 

  5. Write Letter 
    File complaint in writing. The letter must be short, clear and precise. Include photocopies of all necessary documents. 

  6. Know The Law 
    Refer to the specific law that covers the complaint. Provide the excerpt of the suitable law to support your complaint

  7. Follow Progress 
    Follow and write down every progress makes, chronologically