Great Ways To Help Moms Sleep Better!

Great Ways To Help Moms Sleep Better!

October 15, 2016 Homebiz Management 0

You know there so many things to do and get done before the day is up and we are totally exhausted in the end and think I’m definitely going to sleep good tonight! But then your in bed and your mind keeps going , thinking of what you didn’t do or what you could do tomorrow and of many other things in our lives that leave stress that we keep thinking about. And we just can’t seem to get to sleep and an hour or more passes shortening our sleep time. It get’s to hot or to cold and so on.

I bet it’s a known fact somewhere that women have a much harder time sleeping than men because of all our female cycles like menstruation, motherhood, and menopause. Us moms need our sleep to be ready for the many challenges ahead for our next day and if your someone like me that does not turn to any kind of medication unless it’s absolutely needed then we need as many alternatives as we can get.

One of the number one things I absolutely suggest to do before bedtime, well let’s say hours before bedtime is to cut down on caffeine or rid of it all together. Caffeine is found in many things besides coffee and soda being the main ones. It can also be found in things such as tea and chocolate. It comes in different forms and has many names. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, having the effect of warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. To find out more about caffeine and it’s different forms and names then visit Wikipedia free online encyclopedia.

Avoiding nicotine before bedtime is a good idea because like caffeine it’s a stimulant also.

In your bedroom make sure there is no light or try to minimize it as much as possible. Including vcr or dvd lights, T.V., hallway, bathroom etc.

Try to eliminate noise if any and avoid extreme temperatures, dress light when hot and a little bit more when cold, try to keep room temperature at a comfortable level.

Drink less fluids before bedtime to keep you from making trips to the bathroom.

Avoid large meals before bedtime. A full tummy can make it hard to sleep. Try having meals earlier.

Try making a relaxing routine before bedtimes, examples are warm bath, reading, meditation, something you really enjoy that you know helps you relax.

Exercise earlier in the day maybe before or right after dinner because it can help you sleep better later on.

Try to avoid very active play at bedtime with the kids because not only does it get you alert but it does it to your kids also. So tell dad’s no roudy play before bedtime!

You know any information you get can tell you many things that will help you sleep. But when it come down to it you’re the only one that knows what helps you relax and what doesn’t . It’s just hard for us sometimes to realize certain things that will have an affect on our sleeping pattern that night. So hopefully you can take some of these things and fit them into your routine so you can have a peaceful nights sleep to be ready for your #1’s tomorrow. (Children)

May you all sleep well !

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