Focus On Homebased Childcare Services

Focus On Homebased Childcare Services

March 14, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0

Protect Yourself – Insure Your Business

Consider getting your business, premises and workers insured. The benefits include:

  • Financial assurance for the business. Should you lose your ability to work due to an accident or critical illness, you would not have to worry about getting additional financial assistance. Your insurance would cover your medical bill,  either partially or fully, according to your policy type.

If you have outstanding loans, an insurance programme would also help you settle these should you become disabled or afflicted by critical illness.

It is also advisable that you insure your premises and equipment in case of:

  • Fire
  • Natural disaster
  • Theft and robbery

Insurance coverage for workers should cover:

  • Accidents and hospitalisation

Draw Up An Agreement

The main reason for an agreement is to put in black and white your terms and conditions for accepting a child, so that there is less chance of a conflict between you and the child’s parents/ guardians.

 When you draw up a contract:

  • Spell out your responsibilities and duties
  • Spell out the parents/ guardians’ responsibilities and duties
  • Include your service fees and other additional payment
  • Include special terms such as your right to refuse children with contagious diseases
  • Include matters related to the children’s safety and welfare
  • Briefly describe how you would deal with medical emergencies and who would bear the cost of treatment.

Specify Charges

There are no standard charges for childcare services. The amount you charge will depend on several factors such as:

  • The income bracket of your target group of parents/ guardians
  • Charges imposed by your competitors
  • Facilities and equipment you provide
  • Types of services you offer
  • Ratio between child minder and children
  • Your operating cost

Here’s a guide to monthly charges in:

State Rate/ Child/ 8 hour day Rate/ Child/ 4 hour day
Sungai Petani RM180 – RM250 RM60 – RM90
Klang Valley RM300 – RM450 (PJ) RM100 – 200 (Klang)
SerembanRM180 – RM250 RM60 – RM90
Johor BaruRM400 – RM600 RM200 – RM300
Kota KinabaluRM300 – RM450 RM100 – 200

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