Don’t Fall For Scams, Police Remind Public

Don’t Fall For Scams, Police Remind Public

March 22, 2016 Scams 0

KUALA LUMPUR: People continue to fall for scams as syndicates change tactics and strategies.

City commercial crime division chief Asst Comm Mohd Aris Ramli said that, despite constant media coverage, people were still being duped by well-known ruses such as black money and tender scams.

“The syndicates tend to change their tactics but the catch is that they always offer an ‘easy way’ to make money,” he said.

The public should be aware of this by now and we urge them to contact us immediately when approached by such syndicates.

From 2006, 37 victims lost more than RM3mil in the “black money” scam. Those who went for the tender scams lost more than RM5mil in 28 cases since May 2007.

In the black money scams, the con men are usually Africans who used locals as runners to bait victims.

“The victims are always treated at posh restaurants and hotels before they are tricked into buying worthless pieces of black paper that would supposedly change into US dollars using a ‘special’ chemical,” he said.

“In the tender scams, victims are tricked into parting with their cash after receiving an initial commission or payment from the syndicate. Victims were duped into believing that they were successful in obtaining tender contracts from the Government and major private companies,” ACP Mohd Aris added.

Source: Article from the Star Online, 2 April 2008