Creating Your Image To Sell Someone Else’s

Creating Your Image To Sell Someone Else’s

March 17, 2016 Work At Home - Starting Out 0

by Robert Tan

What are you going to call your company? Some design companies call themselves after the owner’s name and others think up something totally different. This is the name that will appear on all your stationery and correspondence, so make sure you like it and can live with it for the many years to come.

You should ideally have a strong concept, so when people ask you, “Why did you call your company “Starry Skies Design?”, you can say that you’ve always been fascinated by the night sky, and the stars represent your dreams, aspirations and the on-going process of striving to reach the highest goals. So if you must call yourself “Three-legged Dog Design”, you should have a really interesting story to go along with it. Really interesting names can lead to equally interesting design treatments for your stationery and some novel ideas for self-promotional material. It can make the difference between your dream client picking you out from the throng or throwing you on the heap with the junk mail.

Next, you will want to think about how you present yourself. Being in the visual business, how you look to others will affect whether or not they will want you to represent how they look. Think about your personality and the kind of perception that you want people to have of you when they look at your logo. This is your mark, your brand. It should represent you and give people a feel of who you are and the values you possess.

Once you’ve toyed around with some ideas and feel you know what you want, then get down to designing your stationery. You will need a calling card, letterhead, fax letterhead, accounting documents like delivery orders, invoices and quotations. These are the basics. Many Design Houses also produce other types of forms and document types for various uses. Maybe you want to add an order form or standard contract to your list. Whatever it is, make the look of your stuff consistent throughout the body of work (but if I have to tell you that, then you’re trying to get into the wrong business).

Next, you will get all this printed so that you are ready to start working for money! Try getting them printed in a store that does digital colour printing rather than using traditional offset printing. You can get smaller amounts done up to start with so your capital outlay is less and you don’t have a stack of wasted paper if your business doesn’t work out. Unless you have a good printer, try not to run everything off your bubble-jet at home. The ink on your calling card should not run or smudge if a drop of water falls on it while you’re introducing yourself to potential clients.

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