Consumer Claims Tribunal: The Place To Seek Compensation

Consumer Claims Tribunal: The Place To Seek Compensation

May 6, 2016 Consumer Issues Domestic Issues 0

Now you can forward online application for compensation claims and check the status of your claims.

The Tribunal for consumer claims is established under Part XII of the Consumer Protection Act 1999. It is an independent body and its primary function is to hear and determine claims lodged by consumers for losses suffered in respect of any goods or services acquired.

Here are some cases:

Case 1: Michelle went for facial hair removal. She was told by the company that she needed to go through three or four treatments to permanently remove the hair from her upper lip. However, despite undergoing 33 sessions, the hair continued to grow, and worse, it became coarser and darker. The skin around her lip also became darker. She referred her case to the tribunal and claimed RM3,070 from the company. After deliberation by the tribunal, the company was ordered to pay damages and cost of RM3,072.

CASE 2: Sandra signed up for 10 sessions of a slimming programme costing RM3,600. After completing 10 sessions, she only had a weight loss of 1.2kg and a 2cm reduction of the waist.

When she complained, the company told her that too much fat had accumulated in her body and she would need to undergo a few more sessions to lose more weight. The company offered her a discount for the additional sessions.

Sandra rejected the offer as she had lost confidence in the company. She then signed up for treatment with a different company at RM888, and had a visible weight loss after 10 sessions.

Sandra filed a claim against the first company.

However, before the hearing, the company refunded the full amount of RM3,600 to her.

CASE 3: Lee paid RM4,300 to an Indonesian maid agency to recruit a maid, but later found that the maid did not work as hard as promised by the agency. When he sought a replacement, the agency told him that he would have to pay an additional RM1,700. Lee demanded a refund, but the agency was only prepared to refund him RM900.

Lee filed a claim for RM3,500 from the agency and the CCT ordered the company to pay RM3, 350.

CASE 4: On March 3, 2001, Fan paid a RM250 deposit for a one-month-old puppy and the balance of RM1,000 was to be paid when she got the pet. When Fan collected the animal later, she found that it was different from the one she had selected earlier. But she was told it was the same puppy.

After receiving the “Certificate Pedigree” from the shop-owner, Fan was convinced that it was a different puppy as the certificate stated that it was born on March 10, 2001.

Fan demanded the dog she had selected, but her request was not met.

She filed a claim for RM4,450.30 but the CCT ordered the shop-owner to return RM2,908.30 of the cost that was incurred. Fan was ordered to return the puppy.

Visit for information on how you can make compensation claims or indemnity claims to the Consumer Claims Tribunal office and check the status of your claims at the said office.