Be Wary Of Internet Money Making Opportunities

Be Wary Of Internet Money Making Opportunities

March 20, 2016 Scams 0

On average, I receive 15 Internet schemes and offers on a daily basis in my inbox. “Get paid to read emails”, “Get paid to view advertisements”, “Internet investment with high performance”, and many more I don’t care to remember.

Imagine that these email messages are sent to millions of Internet users daily and it only takes a one per cent response to give these companies their millions of dollars. Some of the common ones include:

Get Paid To Surf

You have to log on to the website an number of times daily or download a special browser to their desktop, and read the ads or view the banners displayed. The website company will charge the advertisers and reward the members who complete the quota.


It takes you ages to complete the quota to be eligible for the payout scheme, if you can ever accomplish it.  By the time you get your payout, the amount will be deducted of administrative charges (which sometimes can be about 20 per cent of your total payout). The worst scenario would be to have the website close down before any member receives their payout.

One of the most famous websites for advertising “Get Paid to Surf” was AllAdvantage.comUnfortunately, the business folded despite being one of the fastest growing websites in terms of numbers.

Mutations of this scheme include getting paid to receive SMS, getting paid to read emails, and getting paid to listen to online radio ads.

However, if you wish to try out this money-making scheme, you should first check on the following:

–         How much will you be paid for reading each email?

–         What is your responsibility other than reading emails? (e.g. some schemes would require you to click to a website linked within the email)

–         Can a Malaysian participate? Some schemes are restricted to US citizens only.

–         What is the minimum amount of payout?

–         How long will it take for you to earn the minimum payout? Remember you are incurring charges for your Internet access and phone bills for reading the emails.

–         How is payment to be made? If payment is made by US cheque, then a significant part of it would be eaten by bank charges.  

If you receive an email like this,

Dear Friend,

You can earn a lot of money in the next several months sending

Don’t count on it. 

Money Laundering

This is a scheme that has been around for many years. From its early days of letters and faxes, it has now become high tech, with email as the popular choice.

The scheme tells you that the sender (most likely from a country in the African continent) has a large sum of money, seeks your assistance in transferring this amount into your bank account, and if successful, you will be offered an percentage of this amount.

Here’s an email I received recently:


I am KING JAKAS OFUOBI THE 111, i am 87 years old from makine country,SIERRA-LEONE REPUBLIC,as matter of fact i am very sick now, i have a strock.

I am the head of all gold dealers in makine country,i have some money which i made from gold sales and i will like to invest it in hotel business or buying of bank shares in your country.

I know by the time this letter will get to you,I might be no more.Please,i will like you to feel free todeal with my son in case i am dead,i will make you a co-director in this hotel business and will also compensate you with some,i must confess to you, we are novice when it comes to investment.The only trade we knows is gold business.Please if you know you can assist me, please contact me through my email or .TEL:00229-987160 FAX:00229 32 34 42 . I have instructed the security company were i kept the money what to do in case i am no more.

Please i really need your assistance,because i know my son can not handle this cash alone, so i want you to supervise and monitor him.




It sounds too good to be true. Of the billions of people living in this planet, it is I who have been identified for this wonderful opportunity to get rich.


If anything was to go wrong, to whom can you submit a complaint?

Since the company is not registered in Malaysia, you cannot complain to any local authority. Neither can you complain to the person who introduced you to the scheme, since he or she is also just a member.

Today, online MLM schemes are also being promoted offline, through business opportunity meetings or physical sales pitches.

Ideally, MLM companies should be operated on a base of products and services that are legitimate where its members or distributors are entitled to commissions based on their sales.

It should not be based on a member having to pay a certain sum to be part of the system and then having to recruit others in order to earn back their initial capital.

This is not sanctioned by the Malaysian government and is not a practice with a legitimate company.

For clarification and elaboration, feel free to email Fione Tan, President & Chief Executive Officer of eBusiness and eMarketing enabler, Sdn Bhd.

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