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A Mother’s Love

Source : China Daily

May 7, 2002 0

Africa-Asia Workshop

Source: APDIP, 25-29 March 2002 THERE’S MONEY for innovators, an attempt to make affordable GNU/Linux-based PCs,computers that recognise your eye’s iris… and a whole lot of other surprises.   LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE This is Malaysia’s at looking into the future. Some other show-cased technologies include the ‘Bestari Home’ (or Smart Home) system that would allow…
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March 29, 2002 0

Wired Mothers Do IT For Themselves

Source: Alfred Hermida from BBC News Online (edited by e-Homem@kers) Katharine Yip is a busy well-educated mother, jostling with the demands of two young daughters and a full-time job as a translator. Living in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, she has found that new technology has opened up new horizons for her. “In our society, women…
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November 7, 2001 0

The Joys Of Working From Home

Source: New Straits Times

October 18, 2001 0

Office @ Home

Source : New Straits Times

October 18, 2001 0

Letting Readers Decide The Conclusion

Source : China Press

October 7, 2001 0

So, You Want To Work From Home?

Source: The Malaysian Women’s Weekly

August 1, 2001 0

Stories For My Mother

Source: Going Places

March 31, 2001 0

Everyday Is Mother’s Day

Source: Sin Chew Jit Poh

March 3, 2001 0