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‘Green’ Moms To Be Honoured

Source: The Malay Mail Mothers for Mothers (M4M), a network for multiracial mothers, is organising the Green Mom Contest 2003 to honour eight mothers engaged in outstanding work to nurture the environment.

March 14, 2003 0

Helping Women Gain Dignity With Social-Economic Empowerment

Source:, 2003 Entrants’s Name: Sheau Ching Chong Country: Malaysia Field: Citizen/Community Participation Innovation – idea: eHomemakers is dedicated to use ICT for economic empowerment through advocacy, training, research, and information sharing for the benefit of homeworkers, home- based entrepreneurs and homemakers. It carries out activities to bridge the digital divide for the disadvantaged through…
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January 30, 2003 0

Chong Sheau Ching On The Page Of MPH Quill Magazine

Source: MPH Quill Magazine

January 29, 2003 0


Remember the time when mother used to spend her days hunched behind the sewing machine or the kitchen sink. Well, she still hunches today. Only this time, she bends over a 15″ fruity coloured iMac where she spends a good five hours working the keys on the board. Move over soccer moms. Make way for…
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November 30, 2002 0

New Profile Of The Homeworker

Source: Sunday Star Some three decades, my family and I lived in a village where a woman who worked from home occupied the house next to ours.

October 31, 2002 0

Interview with Chong Sheau Ching, (Malaysia)

Source: TheMediaResearchHub, 2002 eHomemakers (formerly known as Mothers for Mothers, was founded in 1998 by a grassroots volunteer group to network homemakers and homeworkers together for economic, gender and social empowerment through ICT. We did barter exchange with the corporate sector when we first started the network with conferences and the entire organizing committed…
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October 30, 2002 0

Working Together As A Team, Virtually

Source: Hooi You Ching from The Star InTech SOCIAL issues are gradually getting the kind of web presence they deserve. Not surprisingly then, the information superhighway is paving the way for greater empowerment for individuals in a civil society. One such organisation to realise the tremendous potential of the Internet as a community service provider…
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October 22, 2002 0

Enormous Benefits Of The Home-office

Source : The Star      

October 5, 2002 0

Home Sweet Work?

Source: The Star Weekender, 5 October 2002 Could it be a reflection on Malaysian work culture that more people aren’t in a position to give happy testimonies about the home as one’s office? Working from home independently is a personal option, but companies could start the ball rolling by offering the option of teleworking. Director…
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October 5, 2002 0

Working From Home

Source: Lee Siew Peng from The Star Weekender SOMETIMES, you just got to know when to quit. For Tiffany Tang, the epiphany came two months after giving birth, when she was pick-pocketed on her way home. Feeling that she had lost her street smarts “I was just rushing everywhere for the sake of my child”…
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October 5, 2002 0