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Working From Home

Source: Lee Siew Peng from The Star Weekender SOMETIMES, you just got to know when to quit. For Tiffany Tang, the epiphany came two months after giving birth, when she was pick-pocketed on her way home. Feeling that she had lost her street smarts “I was just rushing everywhere for the sake of my child”…
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October 5, 2002 0

A Mother’s Love

Source : China Daily

May 7, 2002 0

Africa-Asia Workshop

Source: APDIP, 25-29 March 2002 THERE’S MONEY for innovators, an attempt to make affordable GNU/Linux-based PCs,computers that recognise your eye’s iris… and a whole lot of other surprises.   LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE This is Malaysia’s at looking into the future. Some other show-cased technologies include the ‘Bestari Home’ (or Smart Home) system that would allow…
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March 29, 2002 0

Wired Mothers Do IT For Themselves

Source: Alfred Hermida from BBC News Online (edited by e-Homem@kers) Katharine Yip is a busy well-educated mother, jostling with the demands of two young daughters and a full-time job as a translator. Living in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, she has found that new technology has opened up new horizons for her. “In our society, women…
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November 7, 2001 0

The Joys Of Working From Home

Source: New Straits Times

October 18, 2001 0

Office @ Home

Source : New Straits Times

October 18, 2001 0

Letting Readers Decide The Conclusion

Source : China Press

October 7, 2001 0

So, You Want To Work From Home?

Source: The Malaysian Women’s Weekly

August 1, 2001 0

Stories For My Mother

Source: Going Places

March 31, 2001 0