Cyril Mathias On Traxx FM Sharing Experience On Green Technologies

Cyril Mathias, an entrepreneur passionate on developing green technologies and the space of energy efficiency management and Agriculture and Industrial IOT, Commercialised energy efficiency products, with over 17 years experience in multinational companies and 6 years in  energy efficiency and IOT. Cyril has professional experience across multiple countries – India, Oman, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia. Cyril holds a masters … Read moreCyril Mathias On Traxx FM Sharing Experience On Green Technologies

Moving Forward With Technological Innovation

Innovation can happen in any part of the business value chain -in the business model, logistics, manufacturing, sales and distribution channel and customer service. If undertaken at the segment where a company has core expertise, innovation can catapult the company from obscurity to success. Innovation in the business model has led a revolution in the … Read moreMoving Forward With Technological Innovation

It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Constructive thinking is about overcoming the odds, it is about surviving, or even thriving, in adverse conditions. The key premise of constructive thinking revolves around finding creative and innovative solutions to overcome difficulties. The innovator uses various thinking tools that collectively, serve as a methodology for sparking new ideas. So far, we have examined four … Read moreIt’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Innovation-led R & D The Key For SMIs

As mentioned in the last article, the surest and fastest way to ruin, for Malaysian SMIs, is by engaging in R&D focussed on creating revolutionary products that break new scientific or technological grounds. As pointed out, SMIs do not have the resources and staying power required in the invention game. Innovation however, is a different … Read moreInnovation-led R & D The Key For SMIs