Are You Suited For An Online Business?

Are You Suited For An Online Business?

April 10, 2016 IT TIPS & ISSUES 0

We’ve all heard the big claims: how people make a fortune on the Internet. How people make thousands of dollars by selling their products and services on their websites. How people can afford to quit their day jobs and go full-time into their Web endeavors.

You think it would be fun to join the Internet gold rush and make some money, since you have a computer at home, you’re free (barring one or two household chores and taking care of the kids) and you think you could give it a go.

But before you do so, ask yourself this: are you suited for an online business? Do you have what it takes to build and grow an online business? It’s not a part-time hobby and it involves a lot of work. Basically, an online business is still a business. The same business fundamentals which apply offline, applies online too!

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you jump straight in. 

Comfortable with the PC
How comfortable are you in front of the computer or PC? Comfortable means do you know how to use the PC? Are you PC literate? Know the basics of using the PC but never be afraid to learn. If you don’t know much about the PC, at least be willing to learn. You can find various resources to learn online. A good place to start would be or try searching for some good tutorials on the Google search engine.

Willing To Invest Time And Money
Most people who look to the Internet as a means to escape their dreary day job think all it takes is a website and your customers will come flocking to buy. In reality, it isn’t so easy as your website will be among the 30 million or so websites on the World Wide Web. Operating an online business means you need to be willing to invest time and money to make it work. You have to spend time tweaking, testing, re-testing and marketing your products and services. You must spend time learning from others. You also have to invest some money to set up a proper website, with a proper domain name, hosted by a reputable web hosting company. Sure, you can get a free domain and free hosting but your URL will usually be so long that no one remembers how to get there, plus the free hosting means you have to put up with irritating banners and pop-up ads that the free hosting company sticks on your website. Besides looking amateurish (and most unprofessional), your credibility is on the line, too. Would you buy from someone you don’t trust?

Committed And Motivated
Do something you enjoy. Do something that excites you. When you are committed and motivated, it is easier to work on your business. You can also stay motivated by visiting online forums which have some relevance to what you are doing. Share and learn. Keeping motivated also lies in how much you believe in your dream or goal. Keep that goal written down and each time you falter, procrastinate or feel dejected, remind yourself that you are working towards your goal. Without commitment or motivation, your business won’t go anywhere.

Support From Family And Friends
Don’t underestimate the power and influence of family and friends. Before you start an online business, get some feedback and advice from those closest to you. Find out if it is feasible to do what you want to do. Nothing can be more depressing than finding out half way (after you’ve started on your website and all) that what you intend to do has no market! Support is also crucial because when you are down, these are the people who will back you up and give you the motivation to move ahead. An unsupportive husband/ wife/ family members can pull you down faster than you can say one, two, three.

Good To Be Skeptical
There is a lot of hype on the Internet. Before going online, be sure to arm yourself with a healthy dose of skepticism. There are lots of people out there who have been scammed. Know how to protect yourself. If it sounds too good to be true, well!

Educate Yourself
One way to see if you have what it takes to go online is to start by reading the books on the business you want to undertake, how to go online, how to start an online business and more. There are some helpful, free e-Books which you can download from Artoparoli to get you thinking. As you read, have a realistic view of what you want to achieve from your online business. Read to learn from others’ mistakes, read to apply what you know to get what you want.

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