Are You Easily Distracted?

Are You Easily Distracted?

October 12, 2016 Homebiz Management 0

If you work at home it’s not hard to get distracted. Friends and family stop by because after all, you are “home all day”. Spouses may demand YOU do all the house work because again, why not? You are “home all day” to do it.

Then of course there are the distractions of your children. Not always bad distraction, but still something that takes you away from your business.

A normal day may go something like this: Answer personal emails, grab the children breakfast, talk to someone on Instant Messenger or someone that called, do a little house work, get the kids lunch, break up a fight or tend to the children more, talk to others that call or instant message you, start supper. Where did the day go? Why didn’t you get to work on your business today?

Here’s a few tips to keep you from getting distracted:

– Separate Business & Family
Let your children know you have work to do during certain hours, and DO NOT feel guilty about it. You work at HOME and being in the same house with them at all times is a huge deal. Should an emergency arise, you are right there for them. Summer can be difficult to work around, but once school starts it becomes easier to work in the day with the older children in school.

– Turn off Instant Messenger
Or at least go invisible during your work hours. If someone likes to just chat, they won’t even know you are online if you are “hiding”. When your work hours are over, you can turn it back on again. If you get any personal phone calls, quickly set up a time to visit in person outside of your work hours. Make plans to go out so you can get them off the phone and get back to work.

– Business Email First
Either let your personal email sit, or set up a separate email account for your business. Don’t even think about checking that personal email until after work hours.

– Set Weekly Goals
Have clear cut goals and tasks you know you want to get done within a specific amount of time. If you have a list you are more likely to keep on track and not fumble around with non-productive tasks.

– Share the Housework
If your spouse doesn’t take you seriously, it might be time to sit down for a talk. Let them know you work too, just in a different industry. Show them the business hours you have set, and housework will not get attended to within these hours. Get him involved in certain tasks. If you share the income, you share the housework!

Hopefully these tips will prevent you from getting distracted, and increase your income over a period of time.

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