Anti-Spam Software

Anti-Spam Software

April 1, 2016 IT TIPS & ISSUES 0

by Chooi Yew Tzen

SpamSubtract v1.67’s user interface is easy-to-understand and this simplifies its usage. Even newbies can use it on their first try and defend their Inbox from unwanted emails. You can download this trial and it will work without any adjustments or further tweaks. The default setting is appropriate to detect a variety of spam for almost all occasions. SpamSubtract can import a ‘Friends’ list from your email address book to distinguish the sender’s email domain between friend and spam. It will automatically add the email addresses of new ‘Friends’ when you send or update the Friends list.

SpamSubtract has an advanced setting to fine-tune the filtering rules. You can include offensive words like ‘sex’, ‘adult service’, pictures and malicious codes in the rules.¬†¬†SpamSubtract will then mask these words and halt pictures which are embedded in the spam from being downloaded and displayed.

Download here:
Filesize: 1,658KB

Undeliverable Confusion’s Spam Assault! 4.0 Professional Edition works by removing your email from a bulk mailing list. It will send an ‘Undeliverable Mail’ message to the spammer, who is expected to remove your ‘dead’ email address from the mailing list. There is a 30-day free trial version which you can download from here:

It will automatically import valid email accounts from Outlook Express after installation. Spam Assault can support an unlimited number of blocked senders as well as domains including wildcard matching, fake reply-to addresses and marks offending messages for deletion. Interestingly, it can also block spam based on country of origin. Like SpamSubtract, it also allows users to have a list of valid email addresses, called ‘Save List’. This ensures valid e-mails are recognized and never deleted.

Download here:
Size: 1,193KB

Nuke Spam

An acronym for No Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail, NUCEM is a simple add-on to Microsoft Outlook. This means it will only work if you are using Microsoft Outlook. NUCEM is able to track down the origin of spammers and inform the Internet service provider from where the spam originates. If the spammer uses several Internet service providers (one to send spam, one to host an Internet Website, one to receive email orders, etc.) , then NUCEM will inform each ISP that their client is using spam to generate business traffic, violating The ISP’s Acceptable Use Policies. NUCEM is easy to install, user friendly and most importantly works transparently within Microsoft Outlook. The free trial version is good for 15 days.

Download here:
Size: 1,154KB

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