All You Need To Know About Domains

All You Need To Know About Domains

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To get your business online, there are three points you need to remember: Firstly, you have to get a domain name that reflects your business and what you do. Secondly, decide what you want in your website and get it designed (or in most cases, you would do it yourself). Thirdly, you should shop around for a good web host.

Some people have doubts about getting a domain name. Others have doubts about registering their domains when they hear they can get one for free. Some also worry about the prices of the domains they are getting. There are a lot of concerns especially for those who are new to the Web.

 With that in mind, here is some information which we think every newbie should know about domains before they even decide to go online.

What Is A Domain Name And How Do I Get One?
A domain name is a name that you choose as your Web address for your website. People will type this into their web browser in order to view your website. For example, is a registered domain name. A registered domain name means someone pays a fee to use the name. The following year, a fee must be paid (it’s called renewing the domain) in order to continue using the domain name.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Domain Name?
Generally it costs between RM40 to RM130 to register a domain on a yearly basis. Web hosting fees are separate.

Whom Do I Pay For The Domain Name Registration? 
If you register it yourself (you can do a search for ‘domain name registrar’ on any search engine), naturally you have to pay for it yourself at the time of registration. If you need a web host company, for example, to register the domain name, it will bill you for your new domain name at the time of registration.

Why Would I Need A Domain Name?
Anyone who wants to do business on the Internet needs a domain name. A domain name is essentially your company’s identification on the Internet. A domain name makes it easy for customers and potential customers to find your company on the Internet.

In This Case, Can I Get Any Domain Name I Want?
Unfortunately, most popular domain names are already taken but this doesn’t mean there’s no more unique domain names left. If you are serious about getting online, get a domain fast while you still can. Search for a domain name by going to If it is still available, you can register the name.

If a domain name you like is not available (someone else has registered it), try searching for variations of the name. You could also try searching for the domain name but with a different suffix like .net, .org, .biz, or .info (pronounced as dot net, dot org, dot biz or dot info). If you are Malaysian, you may like to search for a .my (dot my) suffix.

Some people recommend hyphenating a domain. For instance, if you cannot get, try but hyphens can confuse people. There is always the possibility that they might forget the hyphen and end up at someone else’s website instead of yours!

How Do I Choose A Good Domain Name?
Your domain name can be based on your brand name or what you sell or do. For example, it could be RedboxHosting or Greatwebhosting. Many search engines take the name of your website into account when they rank your pages so a domain name based on popular and often used keywords would be a good idea to consider when choosing a domain. That’s why most people like to use generic names or keywords that relate to what they do.

I Heard Some Domain Names Are Free. Shouldn’t I Get One For Free?
There is nothing wrong with getting a free domain name though there are some reasons why you should be careful.

As long as you pay for a domain name, YOU are considered the legal user for a year (each year you’ll need to renew the ownership if you intend to continue using the domain name). If you get one for free, you would be left without a domain name when the company ceases business. If it is a personal website, that’s okay since there is nothing to lose.

But what if it’s a business? What happens when you are left without a domain, especially after you’ve printed the URL on your business stationery and promoted it everywhere? Why risk it? Besides, should the company decide to sell your domain name for a big profit, it has every right to do so since it is the legal user.

Once you pay for a domain name, regardless of which web host you choose or move to, you get to keep your existing visitors and traffic. If you don’t have a domain name, you have to promote your website all over again.

Must I Register A Domain That Ends In .com (dot com)?
It isn’t necessary to register a domain that ends with a .com though dot com is the easiest way people remember a website address.

If you cannot get one with a .com suffix, try to register names that end with .net, .org, .biz, and .info. That said, many companies (especially those with famous corporate identities) are registering their same domain with many different suffixes (as in .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info). They’re doing this to protect themselves especially if a competitor creates a website with the same name (but ending with a different suffix).

Should I Register More Than One Domain Name?
It depends. You may want to register more than one domain name if you have one or more product names you want to promote. You can register different domain names and point them all to one website, or you could register different domain names for different websites that you own.

 How Long Does It Take To Register The Domain Name?
When you have chosen the domain you want based on its availability, it can be registered within 24 hours for top-level domains ending with the dot com, dot org and dot net suffix.

For those who wish to register a .my (dot my) domain, please refer to MYNIC which administers the name space for this domain.

Must I Register A Domain Name Through A Web Host Company?
You don’t need to register your domain name through a Web host company in order for them to host your website. Once you decide to host with a Web host company, if you have registered your domain, they will guide you in pointing your domain to your website.

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