Advice From A Fraud Lawyer

Advice From A Fraud Lawyer

March 23, 2016 Scams 0

● REMEMBER, scam artists prey on your emotions, such as patriotism. Before you help an individual or a charity, take time to find out what you are getting into;

● Always ask questions. Find out what options are available. For example, if a caller informs you that you have won something, ask if they can confirm it in writing and a phone number to call them back;

● If you are recently widowed, you may be a target of scam artists hoping your knowledge of your finances is limited. If there is something you don’t understand, get help from experts;

● Do not feel you need to be courteous. If someone calls or comes to your door asking about your finances, feel free to hang up or shut the door in their face; and

● Keep track of your finances. It is easy to allow someone else to do it for you but unless you are completely sure that person can be trusted, you are playing with fire.

Senior citizens often targeted

● Thieves scan obituaries looking for names of recent widows, particularly those living alone. The caller claims to be a representative from the Welfare Department, credit card company or bank, seeking to help the widow settle her financial affairs. In the process, they ask or phish for personal financial information such as accounts and identification numbers;

● Scam artists call seniors offering assistance to help them enrol in a new prescription drug benefit plan. To receive help, the senior citizen must provide personal identification details which the caller can then use to steal assets;

● Senior citizens are a favourite target of charities and scam artists. This is because seniors are more trusting and polite. Unfortunately, these qualities are often exploited; and

● Seniors hesitate to call the authorities when they are cheated because of embarrassment. Reports say that those aged above 60 are frequent targets of telephone scams.

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Source: Article from the Star Online, 13 July 2009