Cyril Mathias On Traxx FM Sharing Experience On Green Technologies

Cyril Mathias, an entrepreneur passionate on developing green technologies and the space of energy efficiency management and Agriculture and Industrial IOT, Commercialised energy efficiency products, with over 17 years experience in multinational companies and 6 years in  energy efficiency and IOT.

Cyril has professional experience across multiple countries – India, Oman, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia. Cyril holds a masters degree in Business Management from Australia and degree in Law from India.

Cyril is one of the volunteers to help set-up tours for organic farmers in Selangor so that they can join ECHO2U (a mobile application to connect farmers, homebased/micro producers, small women businesses with communities of buyers) as merchants.

Has also completed and process improvement projects during his tenure for American multinationals Accenture and Florida based Sykes Enterprises.

His passion is hiking and  and spending time protecting the environment and has climbed 50 mountains across different countries.

Listen to his interview on RTM Traxx FM.